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Our family tree is on-line at two separate sites, and  You can read more about them below.  One thing to keep in mind if you're worried about your privacy and security:  On RootsWeb, no living persons are listed (actually, the cut-off date is 1907).  On Ancestry, only people invited to view our tree (i.e. family members) can see living persons.
A link to my RootsWeb page is below, which will open in a new window.  My RootsWeb page is basically a no-frills, text only, page for reading all I have on an individual.  It will include all vital information as well as notes, obituaries, articles, etc.  You can go directly to the RootWeb page now, or search for someone by using the box at right, and it will take you to the RootsWeb page, beginning with the person you searched for.  Note:  I only update RootsWeb occasionally, so for the most current information, see below.  Want to download our tree?  Click "How do I Use RootsWeb?" below. is where I work on our family tree, so all the information is current, or live, if you will.  Our page on Ancestry is basically the same as RootsWeb except it's a little more graphical, will include pictures and will include living individuals.  Because of this, you'll need an invitation to view it.  This insures only our family members see personal information on living relatives.  You may also need to create a free account, but it will only take a minute.  Once you are a part of the site, you will be able to add pictures, update information, add stories, etc.  Just let me know before you make any huge changes.

Looking for Someone?

If you are looking for a particular person, you can search for them below.  Enter the last name (remember maiden names for women) below.  You can also enter their full name in last, first format.


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Add Stories to the Tree

You can now add stories about our family members directly to our tree on  You can write a story or call in and record one.  To participate, request an invitation (or accept one I've sent you).  Go to a family member in the tree and you'll see the options of what you can contribute the tree!