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These memorial pages are available on my "Virtual Cemetery" on  These links will open in new windows.

About Memorial Pages

Each memorial page may contain the following:
  • Vital stats (name, date of birth and death)
  • Short bio on the individual (may contain obituary)
  • Place of burial
  • Headstone photo (as available)
  • Other photos (as available)

Errors and Additions

If you see any incorrect information or picture identifications on the memorial pages, please let me know.  Please note that if I did not create the memorial, I can not edit it, however I will contact the proper person.  If you want to add a person, you can do that from the site, or email me the details and I will do it for you.


Looking for Pictures?

In addition to the pictures available on the memorial pages, I have most of my pics available on Flikr.  Yeah, that's a real thing.

Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home

Go to my Flickr page.

Grab a Picture

If you would like a copy of a picture on either FindaGrave or Flickr, first click the thumbnail to view the larger version.  Then right-click the picture and choose "Save Picture As..."  and save to the proper folder.